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Apr. 30th, 2013 10:43 pm


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My DVD finally arrived today after being stuck in Hong Kong for five days!


Naturally I had my own little watching party and celebrated with this popcorn:

It's Arashinception.

As far as the DVD goes - LOVE IT. I'm going to have to rewatch to even begin to pick favourite parts. I'm really happy :D

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My DVD wont arrive til Friday but I'll celebrate today anyway, and ignore the fact that it's leaked all over the interwebs :/

I found this yesterday so I'm all set for my private viewing party :)

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I just got accepted to [ profile] neon_lines! Thanks so much guys!! :D

I'm 70% through Freeter Ie Wo Kau now. Man, I know I'm supposed to be forgiving Dad for being an awful person over the course of this redemption arc, but hot damn do I want to see him get a punch in the face first. And the mother-in-law, too. Or at least a relatively public humiliation. And then I'll forgive them. Probably. Aside from that, I'm always struck by how good an actor Nino is. He's very impressive. Yappari.

My tumblr dash right now is nothing but page after page after page of Sakuraiba kiss spam. Tumblrers, I know y'all are excited, but.... I don't ship them so I don't need to see it a thousand times, pleaaaaase. It's frustrating to have to wade through page after page of the exact same picture. Gah.

Ok, rant over. Maybe I've forgotten what it's like to be a teenager.

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It was great! I'll watch the special tomorrow I think. I really enjoyed the ensemble cast. I've read a number of reasons why Eita was written out for several episodes so I'm not sure what to believe - was it family reasons, or Johnny's management reasons? Hmm. Also, how good were Matsujun's fight scenes? I'm not sure how much of his own stunt work he did but it was all quite mesmerising.

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We visited my in-laws last night and I got to have some snuggle time with Milo. He's really my husband's cat but he lives with my in-laws because we live in an apartment on a major road.

This is Milo.

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