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2017-04-11 07:30 pm

Moving to Dreamwidth

Like so many others in the Arashi fan community, I'm moving to Dreamwidth. I hope we all migrate successfully! LJ's new ToS are too worrisome to overlook. Would recommend anyone who is struggling to check out the excellent guide by @coolohoh (LJ user embed isn't working?) which really helped me. Hopefully see you all on the other side.
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2017-04-10 07:26 am

Migrating with the rest of the arashi comms

Seeing all the comms are abandoning LJ like the sinking ship it is, here am I. I hope this move doesn't fracture the community too much :/ LJ's new ToS make me uneasy though, so the move makes sense to me.
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2016-05-29 08:54 am

Rulebreakers make me ragey

I haven't posted here in foreverrrrrrrrr but I'm super angry about some recent rulebreaking in a couple of the Arashi comms I'm a member of. Here's the deal, rulebreakers:

-Subbers don't need to sub for you. They can just go ahead and watch the untranslated Japanese show and enjoy it themselves. They sub things out of the goodness of their hearts so that other people in the fandom can share in their enjoyment. This means giving up their personal time for no reason outside of enriching the community.
-Fansubbing is... not super legal. So they do it knowing that there is a need for security and privacy. When you take their work and re-up it to a streaming site, with their watermark attached, you make them a huge target. It's completely unfair, because there's no risk to you.
-Many, many rulebreakers turn an actual material profit from their theft, be it through banner ads, sales of DVDs etc. WHERE THE HELL DO YOU GET OFF MAKING MONEY OFF SOMETHING YOU STOLE?
-I've seen rulebreakers justify their actions by saying they just want to spread the Arashi love to people who aren't in the comm. TOUGH BIKKIES. If you want the benefits then you go through the (usually super not onerous) process of applying to join a comm. You don't know how to use LJ? Well you sure as hell managed to figure out Facebook/WP/Tumblr/Dailymotion, I'm pretty sure you can handle another platform. I joined LJ specifically because a lot of the Arashi community is here, and took the time to make a journal and say thank you when I take things, because THAT IS THE BARE MINIMUM you should be offering up in exchange for (again) FREE THINGS which someone is offering you SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE NICE.

I am so ragey about this. I really hope that these problems can be resolved, but I'm not particularly optimistic because as communities grow large, it's really easy for people to take advantage of them. Le sigh.
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2015-01-14 04:41 pm

France trip!

So last year Anthony and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary, and he surprised me with a trip to France! (OK, the surprise was well in advance of the departure date, because having been married for 10 years, he knows that the planning part is half the fun for a type A like me.) I decided to share some snaps for DNA's competition :D

These are all from Paris; my photo-taking plans got a bit sidetracked after we left Paris because we were driving, not walking, and I kept forgetting to take shots. The rest of France is just as wonderful as Paris! We drove around basically the whole perimeter of the country - Paris-Mont Saint Michel-Angers (visiting some friends)-Sarlat-Arles-Menton-Chamonix-Dijon. That's a LONG way! When we picked up our rental car it had less than 100km on it, we returned it with around 5000km o_O

Anyway photos!

photo 1

This is the Sacre Coeur cathedral in Montmarte... as viewed from our apartment! We rented an apartment from Haven In Paris for the week. I think the one we rented is no longer managed by them, but it was a really great experience to live like a local. Our building has a TINY elevator which was just the cutest thing ever. We were on the top floor and I had planned to take the stairs all the time to burn off all of the macarons, but I couldn't resist the allure of the teeny elevator and ended up riding it a lot. And breaking it one time by closing the doors/pressing the button in the wrong order. Le oops.

Anyway back to Sacre Coeur. It's the highest point in the city, above the Butte Montmarte. The cathedral is gorgeous, and the houses behind it are really magical. If you do go, watch out for scammers and pickpockets out the front though :( It's a shame but I guess to be expected.

photo 2

This is Sainte-Chapelle on the Ile de la Cite, and if you only go to one place in Paris, I honestly recommend it be here. It is overwhelmingly, movingly beautiful. I teared up a little bit, and I'm not usually the type to do that. The lower level is nice, but the upper level is the astonishing bit. You climb up a spiral staircase to get to it, and the whole time you're there there's this ongoing chorus of people gasping as they come round the last curve in the stairs and see the magnificence. This photo in no way does it justice (in fact, the Wikipedia photo is better), but it truly does have to be experienced to be believed.

photo 3

...we saw Kiefer Sutherland. I think he was promoting 24 at the time. He is about Hollywood leading man height (5'5"-ish) and fairly slight. He is also very well dressed and a seriously nice and friendly man. We were having afternoon tea at a cafe (Les Deux Magots, only because I am a hopeless case for history, not because the coffee is good (it wasn't)) and he walked by us. This guy took a photo with him but we were too shy. I smiled and waved and he smiled back. I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious.

photo 4

The famous Shakespeare and Co. bookshop! TBH I was a little underwhelmed by it; I understand they have changed owners. We ended up going to a piano concert just round the back of this in a tiny 14th century chapel. That was rad.


And now the obligatory tourist shot in front of the Tour Eiffel. This also marks the first time I have appeared on my blog, I think. There's something really nice about the atmosphere at the Eiffel Tower when the lights are on - there are so many people there and everyone is just so relaxed and happy. It's really lovely.

That's it! I took bad photos with my phone :( Next time we travel I will take a proper camera.
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2014-01-16 04:51 pm

Hi there, LJ

I've been so remiss in not blogging here for AGES. Life has been so busy. I just got back from Japan last week after a ski holiday with some friends. It was pretty awesome - trips to Japan always are, though!! My kanji recognition (and by extension, my reading comprehension) was through the roof this time thanks to WaniKani. I leveled up to 36 while we were there, so I'm definitely in the home stretches now.

In other news... not much. I will be travelling again in just a few months so we have to lay low and save our cash for that :)

Not related to anything, but is it just me or have all the Arashi subbing communities just exploded with activity in the last few weeks?
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2013-08-21 02:12 pm

Isogashii ne

Ugh, I have been SO busy. Not that that's a bad thing necessarily, but all internetting definitely slows down. Except WaniKani, which I check like they're paying me for it. I'm level 19 now! It is ASTONISHING how much my Japanese reading comprehension has improved in less than 6 months without what feels like very much exertion on my part. Whee!

125 days til Japan!
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2013-07-01 08:01 pm


Just voted for this year's Arafes. I had a really hard time voting! Partly because I am a fairly new fan, so I don't know a lot of album/coupling songs, and partly because I couldn't put my favourites in order! I got around the first problem by only voting for songs I knew (ie I didn't vote for any coupling songs, and the only album songs I voted for were "虹のカケラ~no rain no rainbow~" and "5x10"), and the second problem... well, I'm still dithering over my choices even after I've submitted them. Here's my list:

1. 迷宮ラブソング
2. ワイルドアットハート
3. Endless Game
4. Monster
5. きっと大丈夫
6. Breathless
7. 風の向こうへ
8. Troublemaker
9. Happiness
10. Face Down
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2013-06-17 12:28 pm

Happy birthday, Neen! + Gokusen

As always, hisabisa! I've been doing some travelling for work so I'm a little behind the times in terms of Arashi news. Anyway I just wanted to post a quick お誕生日おめでとう~! to everyone's favourite brat. Now only my J baby is in his 20s! These two make me feel better because I'm only a couple most younger than J haha.

Speaking of J when he was a baby (segway SWISH) I've started watching Gokusen. I really love it! It's quite quirky and fun. I'm probably the last person in the world to see it, but I recommend it anyway.

Wanikani update - level 10! I think I'll hit my goal of level 30 by my next Japan trip.
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2013-05-27 05:49 pm


Also I just joined the Fuji TV Club and intend to ballot for VS Arashi tickets while I'm there :D Anybody have any tips? I'll just be going for a single ticket which I hear helps.
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2013-05-27 09:35 am


Sa~~! It's been a while since I updated, ne? I've been quite busy with work and organizing an event for my church. Then next week I have to go travelling to Canberra for work, and also I'm going to Adelaide for a few nights. I'll miss my husband :( Also I'm organizing a wedding for July! Busy busy.

Anyway, I've been persevering with my kanji. I think I'm doing quite well! I definitely know more than I did when I started. At this rate I will have finished all the N4 kanji in about 2 months. I think I'm going to shoot for N3! Well, maybe. My reading (grammar and vocab) are probably not up to scratch, so I had better work on those.

I have some exciting news! Ant and I have just booked tickets to go back to Japan in late December for another ski trip. Yay! I had better knuckle down and study hard, then!
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2013-04-30 10:43 pm
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My DVD finally arrived today after being stuck in Hong Kong for five days!


Naturally I had my own little watching party and celebrated with this popcorn:

It's Arashinception.

As far as the DVD goes - LOVE IT. I'm going to have to rewatch to even begin to pick favourite parts. I'm really happy :D

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2013-04-24 08:06 am
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Happy Popcorn day!

My DVD wont arrive til Friday but I'll celebrate today anyway, and ignore the fact that it's leaked all over the interwebs :/

I found this yesterday so I'm all set for my private viewing party :)

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2013-04-22 06:28 pm


I persevered with Bambino! and am now partway through episode 5. I don't know if I wasn't paying attention when I watched episode 1, or whether the editing buried it a little (or perhaps even that my eyes were clouded with MatsuJun sparkles) but the Previously section at the start of ep 2 made it much more clear to me that Ban could use a bit of a humility kick, which made everything much more palatable. I'm enjoying it a bit more but I still definitely don't like it as much as some of the other dramas I've watched recently.

I did enjoy some of the exterior scenes in Fukuoka a bit much, excitedly tapping my husband on the arm "look look I walked over that bridge!"
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2013-04-16 08:41 am
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Non-no May 2013 scans

***cross posted to [livejournal.com profile] arashi_onand [livejournal.com profile] a_ra_shi***

There were a few Arashi pages in this month's Non-no so I've scanned them in. Apologies for the quality on some of them - they weren't nice glossies, but a matte insert instead, so they don't look as pretty as usual. Scans concern MatsuJun's upcoming movie Hidamari no kanojo, Sho and Nino's new shows, and a bonus Aiba Disneyland commercial :) Enjoy!


More after the cut! )
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2013-04-12 10:04 am

Kanji with WaniKani

I haven't been watching any more dramas lately (I KNOW) even though every night I think "gosh I really must watch that Freeter SP/some more Kimi wa Petto/perhaps make a start on KagiHeya/try to push through the next episode of Bambino because MatsuJun tickles my happy place". However, I have been making some progress on my kanji New Year's resolution with... *drum roll*


It's an SRS based platform and I highly recommend it. They say you'll learn all the Joyo kanji in 18 months to 2 years if you're diligent, and based on my progress over the last couple of weeks, I believe them. A lot of it is revision for me so far, but I'm already finding that some kanji I just couldn't lodge the reading/meaning for in my brain have seriously stuck in there now. I'm really powering through at the moment and I'm looking forwards to reaching a level where I don't know anything to see how powerful the system really is.

Bottom line - for kanji, try WaniKani!!!
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2013-04-04 04:58 pm

Freeter Ie wo Kau

So I finished FIwK the other day. I actually don't know how I feel about the ending. I mean, I enjoyed it, but it didn't really do what it said on the box, did it? I was sort of expecting for him to buy a house, and that's... not really what happened.

I came around on Dad after all, though I still think he deserved a good punch in the teeth in the early episodes for how dismissively he treated Sumiko and his children. Nevertheless he turned out to be an OK guy by the end. I didn't find the resolution with Nishimoto as satisfying. It was good that Seiji took the high road with her, but I don't really think she deserved his pity. She was deliberately and systematically ruining a woman's life, including attempting to drive her to bankruptcy, because she was jealous that she didn't have as good a relationship with her own son? INVEST SOME OF THAT DAMNED ENERGY IN WORKING ON YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR SON. GEEEEEEEZ. Deliberately sending the scammer over to the Take house was a really low blow and I think she deserved a lot worse than she got. As for the meddlesome Nagata MIL... that plotline was sort of lame and ended in a fizzle. "I agree we should talk." SWEET BRO. RIVETING TELEVISION.

I sound really bitter about this haha. Truth be told I really liked it, despite these elements. I was really happy that Seiji chose the Oetsu job in the end, and that he became friends with the job search guy. Aw.

Related - I don't see a lot of kissing in dramas. Is it a J TV taboo, or more just a general cultural aversion to public displays of affection...? (I know there's SOME kissing in some dramas, that fairly epic scene in Kimi wa Petto comes to mind.)

Here abruptly endeth the post.
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2013-04-02 03:33 pm
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Random update

I just got accepted to [livejournal.com profile] neon_lines! Thanks so much guys!! :D

I'm 70% through Freeter Ie Wo Kau now. Man, I know I'm supposed to be forgiving Dad for being an awful person over the course of this redemption arc, but hot damn do I want to see him get a punch in the face first. And the mother-in-law, too. Or at least a relatively public humiliation. And then I'll forgive them. Probably. Aside from that, I'm always struck by how good an actor Nino is. He's very impressive. Yappari.

My tumblr dash right now is nothing but page after page after page of Sakuraiba kiss spam. Tumblrers, I know y'all are excited, but.... I don't ship them so I don't need to see it a thousand times, pleaaaaase. It's frustrating to have to wade through page after page of the exact same picture. Gah.

Ok, rant over. Maybe I've forgotten what it's like to be a teenager.

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2013-03-28 10:45 am

General stuff

This is apparently my Arashi-only journal (although my tumblr is heading in that direction too.)

Finished the Lucky Seven SP. Again, I enjoyed it, but not as much as the series proper. I think it's a flaw of all drama specials - the show's format is not as well suited to a longer timeslot. I also found myself wondering where they got the money to hire all the furniture for Chez Tanaka - I'm not the only one, right? Anyway, once again I found the ensemble cast to be one of the best things about the show. (Related - Naka Riisa is having a shotgun wedding omg.)

I've watched the first episodes of Bambino! and Kimi wa Petto to choose my next drama. I think I'll go with Kimi wa Petto - Bambino! bummed me out, frankly. If anybody wants to talk me into it, go right ahead. In non-Matsujun dramas, I have all of Freeter, Ie o Kau waiting for me too (SP included.)

I was accepted to the community Niji-no-Kakera this week! Thanks so much guys, I'm really thrilled to be a part of the group :)

This weekend I've got some painting ahead of me, in addition to bumming around watching dramas. I'm helping my baby brother (ha, he's 26 and taller than me) paint his new apartment. Should be fun. If I don't check back in, happy Easter to all of my no readers ;)
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2013-03-25 11:40 pm
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Just finished Lucky Seven

It was great! I'll watch the special tomorrow I think. I really enjoyed the ensemble cast. I've read a number of reasons why Eita was written out for several episodes so I'm not sure what to believe - was it family reasons, or Johnny's management reasons? Hmm. Also, how good were Matsujun's fight scenes? I'm not sure how much of his own stunt work he did but it was all quite mesmerising.

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2013-03-23 11:18 am

Watching Lucky Seven now

Yep that's how I roll - straight to MatsuJun. Coincidentally the SP was on when I was in Japan earlier this year and I saw a little bit at the airport - Ant was all "hey isn't that your future husband on TV?" (apparently he is fully adjusted to the idea that I would divorce him for MatsuJun, or have him killed, or something) so we watched a little of it. However apparently airlines don't hold the gate for you just because you're engrossed in TV, so we didn't see very much of it.

Related - how great a song is Wild At Heart, and HOW GREAT is it as a performance? I could watch J kick that mike stand a thousand times.