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I haven't posted here in foreverrrrrrrrr but I'm super angry about some recent rulebreaking in a couple of the Arashi comms I'm a member of. Here's the deal, rulebreakers:

-Subbers don't need to sub for you. They can just go ahead and watch the untranslated Japanese show and enjoy it themselves. They sub things out of the goodness of their hearts so that other people in the fandom can share in their enjoyment. This means giving up their personal time for no reason outside of enriching the community.
-Fansubbing is... not super legal. So they do it knowing that there is a need for security and privacy. When you take their work and re-up it to a streaming site, with their watermark attached, you make them a huge target. It's completely unfair, because there's no risk to you.
-Many, many rulebreakers turn an actual material profit from their theft, be it through banner ads, sales of DVDs etc. WHERE THE HELL DO YOU GET OFF MAKING MONEY OFF SOMETHING YOU STOLE?
-I've seen rulebreakers justify their actions by saying they just want to spread the Arashi love to people who aren't in the comm. TOUGH BIKKIES. If you want the benefits then you go through the (usually super not onerous) process of applying to join a comm. You don't know how to use LJ? Well you sure as hell managed to figure out Facebook/WP/Tumblr/Dailymotion, I'm pretty sure you can handle another platform. I joined LJ specifically because a lot of the Arashi community is here, and took the time to make a journal and say thank you when I take things, because THAT IS THE BARE MINIMUM you should be offering up in exchange for (again) FREE THINGS which someone is offering you SIMPLY BECAUSE THEY ARE NICE.

I am so ragey about this. I really hope that these problems can be resolved, but I'm not particularly optimistic because as communities grow large, it's really easy for people to take advantage of them. Le sigh.
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